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My rescue dog Alex though born deaf was always a healthy and happy boy. When he got older I began to notice changes and Dr Muhlbacher took over his care, she found that Alex was beginning to develop Kidney problems from severe hypertension. She immediately referred us to a specialist we began a long journey. Alex lived to be 14 years old and with Dr Muhlbachers gentle care Alex maintained excellent quality of life. The kind letter she sent when I lost my best friend meant so much during that difficult time. I have adopted a new family member (Korbin) and immediately brought him to Dr Muhlbacher. Her gentle touch with a scared and shy young dog put him at ease. Korbin had some medical issues, not unusual for shelter dogs that Dr Muhlbacher has resolved and again wrote to me to congratulate and thank me for opening up my heart to another dog, even though I was still missing Alex. Her compassion and that she is a truly authentic person is why I will continue to follow her so she can care for my Korbin.

Colleen Rooney

I have known Dr. Advani for over 25 years, having originally worked directly together earlier in our veterinary careers. I have always found him to be very knowledgeable, compassionate, straightforward, and extremely helpful and honest. I believe the lower Montgomery County area is now fortunate to have a new general small animal practice with Dr. Advani in charge. Good luck to Georgia Crossing Veterinary Center!

Dr. B. Herwald, veterinarian
Washington, D.C.

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